Where did that month go? April is the worst month of the academic year, so my media diet was lighter than usual as work crept into everything. Still, a few highlights:

Homeland. For the past few seasons, I've been hate-watching Homeland. This would be a much stronger show if it they would make it exclusively a spy story, or if they would find a new protagonist, or if they would make the narrative less didactic. This recent season was one of the stronger ones, but only because there was plenty of popcorn-movie spy intrigue. Still, after each season, I often ask: Why am I still watching this? (Grade: D)

Peaky Blinders: The rest of it. The narrative picks up steam in the later seasons, but this show is best when it considers the cultural and personal damage caused by the first World War. It's less compelling when it falls into antihero tropes. Still, generally recommended. (Grade: B)

Fangraphs' Effectively Wild Podcast. This carried me through my many April commutes, and it's the right mix of nerdy and amateurish. Many episodes end with a series of hypothetical scenarios and story problems that are, I think, unique to baseball fandom. (Grade: A-)

Apple Magic Trackpad 2. Ok, not media, but I've given up on mice and adopted the trackpad lifestyle. I'm a believer. (Grade: A)

Better Touch Tool. Of course, the trackpad only works if you can hack together a series of swipes and taps and gestures. Better Touch Tool does all that and more. It's an incredible piece of software. (Grade: A)

The Cincinnati Reds. Still terrible. (Grade: F)

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