I'm catching up on end-of-academic-year filing & storing and wanted to note that I've published the two ebooks produced by my 2017/18 Print & Digital Editing students. (Both book covers link to their respective pages in the iBooks store.)

Come Write Here Book Cover The Writer's Brew Book Cover

When I took over the editing course at Miami, I wanted to give students two experiences: Of editing, but also of being edited. In the second half of the course, each student contributes a short chapter for a class book, and then in groups the students collect those chapters and wrangle them into a cohesive whole. Each student then has the experience of making difficult editorial decisions (as an editor) but also of experiencing how their individually-written chapters change based on the editorial decisions of others.

At the end of the semester I upload the books to the iBooks store because I want that editorial work to have real stakes, and I want the students to have the opportunity to produce professional texts that can circulate beyond the classroom. (I wish I could post them to Amazon, but Amazon won't allow me to offer a book for free. Sigh.)

The Miami Professional Writing students have always taken great pride in this work, and each year their books are wonderful. This year's projects are no exception.

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