Counterpart. I found this show via a Todd Vanderwerff recommendation at Vox, and it was a complete surprise—smart, captivating, and well written. If it weren't on Starz, I think it would occupy more space in the pop culture conversation. Perhaps it will show up on Netflix & gain an audience. Thus far, my favorite show of 2018. (Grade: A)

The Chi. A smart social critique wrapped in a terrible police procedural, where there's never any depth or doubt as to which police officer is good and bad. I couldn't see this show outside of The Wire's shadow, and I hope it picks up some of the Wire's nuance in season two. (B-)

Peaky Blinders: Season 1. Watched two episodes of this in February and dropped it for a bit. Came back in March and found that it really picks up in the latter half. The Irish accents are so thick that you might need to turn on closed captions, and that's ok. Like all great British shows, it's a short season—six episodes—and easy to watch. Looking forward to season two. (B+) I've intermittently read Kottke across the years, but in March I added his blog to Feedbin. I also stole his media diet format for this post, a variation of which I'd previously kept in a text file. Recommended. (A)

Feedbin. Speaking of Feedbin, I've been a user of the service since Google discontinued its RSS Reader. Feedbin recently added Twitter to the service, meaning I can follow specific accounts in my reader without venturing into the muck of Twitter. Highly Recommended. I would drop a lot of my other software subscriptions before I would consider dropping Feedbin. (A+)

The Cincinnati Reds. I followed a fair bit of Spring Training in March, and I don't have high hopes for this Cincinnati Reds rebuild. I am glad, however, that baseball is back. (Reds: D / Baseball: A)

March Madness. I cheered for Virginia Tech and the Cincinnati teams, and they all departed too quickly. But there were great underdog narratives, and a Philly team won it all. Not bad. (B)

Swift Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide. I worked through this book during Spring Break, and it was a challenging & helpful introduction to Swift. Non-programmers would find the book helpful, but it requires a patient reader, as there's a lot of programmer jargon. (B+)

Mourning Doves. Two mourning doves are building a nest outside my office window. They fly—with a twig in beak—to the window ledge, wait for a few seconds, and then zip into the neighboring tree, where they seem to be constructing a rather flimsy base within the branches. They work incessantly from sunup until early afternoon, and they have access, it seems, to an endless number of twigs. In the evenings, one of them sits in the nest and watches the dog walkers going by. It's wonderful. (A+)

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